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An alternative to the capital equipment purchase and on-going maintenance of clinical technology systems are Application Services. These pay-as-you-go services give you the clinical functionality you need while minimizing up front costs, equipment obsolescence and on-going maintenance costs. Systems are managed and serviced by the Applications Service Provider behind the scenes. Your resulting cost of operation under this model is the lowest available option.

Storage requirements are more difficult than ever to manage with the advent of multi-slice CT, CR/DR, and Digital Mammography. Cardiology storage ratchets the requirements up even higher. Even if you have already been investing in on-site storage systems we can help you break the buy & fill storage blues. We can reconfigure your existing systems and migrate your data as necessary to create a DICOM Archive that is universally connectable to whatever PACS you have now or in the future.

  • Practice Management - ASP
  • Electronic Medical Records - ASP
  • RIS - ASP
  • PACS - ASP
  • Teleradiology - ASP



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