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InDex® OnLine

InDex® OnLine is a fully managed service for digital image archiving and distribution. Developed by experts from both the healthcare and IT fields, InDex OnLine has become the de facto standard for medical image archiving and retrieval.

Built with InSiteOne's patented data security measures and "intelligent archiving" design, InDex OnLine features a combination of onsite and offsite storage modes that protect your digital data and afford your clinicians fast access to high-quality images.

InDex OnLine is priced on a "pay as you go" basis that makes it affordable to healthcare institutions and providers of any size. Whether you already have workflow from a PACS or information system or you're just starting your transition to filmless, InDex OnLine is the ideal DICOM solution for hospitals, imaging centers, and physician group practices.

Key Benefits
. Savings you can apply to other mission critical needs
. A fully managed storage solution reduces your costs for hardware, software, square footage, and staff.
. You pay only a one-time fee per study, with no additional maintenance expense ever.
. You can pay for data migration as an operational expense by financing through InSiteOne Capital Partners.
. Your images are always available online
. Onsite storage is sized to suit clinical workflow minimally of twelve months.
. Offsite storage provides infinite online capacity with pre-fetch to onsite storage.
. The integrity of your data will be as complete years from now as the day the file was created
. Continuous monitoring of stored images, on all InDex services.
. Second copy stored offsite on optical media that is impervious to tampering.
. Smooth installation and even smoother operation
. "Plug and play" design integrates seamlessly with your own information systems, PACS or digital modalities.
. "Intelligent archiving": data is stored, transmitted and archived automatically
. 24-Hour Help Desk guarantees support and expertise whenever you need it, 365 days a year.
. Ensured compliance with HIPAA guidelines for image security, confidentiality, redundancy, and disaster recovery
. State-of-the-art encryption protects your data in both transit and storage.
. Geographically dispersed mirrored archiving and tier-4 deep storage centers safeguard your data against catastrophic events.

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