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The complexities and the costs of data migration can be major stumbling blocks for facilities that
want to acquire, switch, or upgrade their PACS and PACS-related capabilities.

InSiteOne offers a flexible, proven methodology for migrating all your non-PACS legacy data and/or files from multiple PACSs into a consolidated InDex archive. Developed by experts from both the healthcare and the IT fields, InSiteOne's Data Migration Services maintain the integrity of your data and ensure your compliance with HIPAA.

Working with our team of experts, your proprietary and non-DICOM vendor archives are converted to an industry standard DICOM archive. Records are validated and cleansed with manual confirmation, using the local radiology information system (RIS). You can include the cost of your migration in your low, one-time-only fee per study stored, making it a more manageable operational expense rather than a capital one.

Key Benefits
• Lower overall costs for maintenance of archived data
• Consolidation of multiple archives into a single, powerful InDex® archive reduces your expenses for maintenance (and eliminates concerns about technical obsolescence).
• The last migration you'll ever need to manage
• InSiteOne's commitment to standards-based design ensures that you'll never have to handle the costs or the complexities of another data migration, no matter what platform you choose.
• The ability to finance migration costs as an operating - rather thanma capital - expense
• InSiteOne Capital Partners make the costs predictable and affordable.
• Reserve or deploy your capital for other mission-critical needs.
• Increased effectiveness of clinical operations
• Consistency across multiple sites and users makes it easier todeliver training and upgrades.
• Onsite storage accepts prefetching so that physicians and radiologists don't have to wait around for data.
• Files are available for viewing remotely, regardless of theclinician's actual location.
• A fully documented process ensures compliance with HIPAA requirements

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