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Gateway DICOM Routers

Gateway Router Product Overview

RamSoft Gateway is an intuitive PC-Based DICOM solution that provides unmatched functional flexibility and superior data management; making it an ideal solution for all your imaging needs. Whether you are reading studies, assuring the quality of your exams, or simply reviewing documents, Gateway DICOM Routers are versatile enough to assist you in getting the job done right.

Used each day by thousands of users worldwide, Gateway DICOM Routers are known for reliability and flexibility in all types of clinical environments. Products come in versions specially designed to meet even the most demanding production environments; at a very attractive price.

While other DICOM solutions hold you back, you can expect Gateway to help you work by streamlining your everyday tasks.

Key Feature

RamSoft Gateway Router Archiving Solution
Gateway Router was not only designed for routing images but also as an archiving solution with no limits on storage, number of studies or number of modalities, including mammography. Sites have the ability to archive their images on a PC or server. Our Gateway Router is so robust and flexible that it can work with multiple storage volumes, any number of hard drives, NAS or SAN, and can even store images on a USB flash drive.

Other features in the Gateway Router:

SQL Database
Enterprise Grade DICOM Engine
TLS Encryption
Security Audit Trails
Send and Receive from Unlimited Devices Simultaneously